Infrastructure and Cloud Administration

Cloud Computing

DIGIT-R is a trusted partner for managing your infrastructure and configuring your servers and cloud. DIGIT-R designs, evaluates, implements, administers and monitors all your resources according to your current and future needs.

Implementation, deployment of web / backOffice Mobile applications on the cloud
Administration of relational databases (Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL)
Administration of Linux servers: (Installation / maintenance / backup / optimization). debian, centOS. Redhat. Ubuntu server.
AWS Service Management: S3 / EC2 / CloudWatch / VPC / ELB Services
Implementation of certification systems based on letsencrypt / certbot.
Installation, configuration and optimization of container-based solutions (docker, docker-compose, Kubernetes).
Installation, administration et optimisation des serveurs webs et serveurs d'application ( Apache, NGINX, Tomcat) dans des environnements linux.